Telehealth for specialists

A telehealth platform for specialists built on a HIPAA secure environment to upload, view, and share medical (DICOM) images and clinical pictures.

Easy to use viewer

No need to learn how to use various software from every DICOM disc. View from desktop PCs, tablets, and smartphones anywhere.

Live Chat

Communicate with your patients by chat while you’re in a video call. You or your assistant can chat to coordinate scheduling or to follow up from your initial virtual visit.

Personal library

Create a searchable database of your imaging studies in your own personal patient library.


Send HIPAA compliant studies from your personal library to your colleagues and chat or video conference with colleagues for an electronic curbside.

Lyfebin features high quality HD video and audio to ensure you and your patient have the best experience possible.


You heard it! no downloads, no plugins, nothing to install. Lyfebin works with most modern browsers.


Upload any disc directly to your patient folder to have access to them at any facility, surgery center, or additional clinic location.


Save your video consultations for reference to document your discussion with the patient.


Chat or video conference with any provider on the network, anywhere, anytime.


Get notified when there are any new consult request for you to accept or when they are ready to proceed with the video consult.


A recent Clemson University research study found to be the easiest telemedicine solution.


You or your assistant can schedule or reschedule patients for virtual consultation.


See patients from anywhere in the world using your mobile browser.

Store, view and share DICOM images in a HIPAA secure environment and collaborate with other physicians No need to learn how to use all different software on the DICOM disc.

Telemedicine for Physicians in Los Angeles, California

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to sign up?

    You need to be able to verify your credentials through Doximity or have a Doximity account.

  • Why do I need to access my Doximity account?

    This is how we verify US physicians.

  • What if I don’t remember my Doximity password or I no longer have access to the email address linked with doximity?

    Email if you no longer have access to the email associated with your Doximity account. If you don’t remember your password, please go to this link.

  • Are there any terms of use when I sign up on the Lyfebin platform?

    Yes, you can find the Terms of User for the usage of our platform here.

  • Is there a privacy policy that’s available so that I can see the how your using my information?

    Yes, you can find our privacy policy details here .

  • Will I be able to upload my studies from my computer?

    Once you have access to the Lyfebin application, you will want to navigate to your “My Uploads” tab. Once there you will see a button that states “Upload Scans”. Selecting “Upload Scans” will bring up a dialog that will give you the option to select your studies from your computer. Point the drive or folder where the studies are located. The application will automatically find the appropriate files.

  • How do I share the studies I have uploaded?

    You can only share studies that are in your library. You must copy studies from My Uploads, My e-consults, or My Curbside. Once in your library, you can share with a colleague who already has an account on Lyfebin or to an email. To view the studies, the user must create an account.

  • How does My Library work?

    All studies in your library should not have any patient identification. Please email if you notice any patient information on the study. Although we use artificial intelligence to ensure removal of PHI, It is all of our responsibility to maintain patient confidentiality.

  • What if I see patient information on a study in My library?

    Please email and we will remove it.

  • How do I organize the files in My Library?

    You can apply searchable tags with any information you would like to any study in your library. We suggest using tags that have the anatomy of interest, pathologic diagnosis, etc. The tags you use are remembered so that you can re-use them for additional studies.

  • Pricing


    Free Trial






    Your Text

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    The plan for everyone.

    10 GB storage

    10 patients

    10 curbsides

    No editing and saving

    Video and chat supported

    Meets HIPAA requirements



    For the specialist creating a virtual specialty clinic

    50 GB storage

    100 patients

    100 curbsides

    Edit and saving of Dicom supported

    Video and chat supported

    On demand chat

    Archived chat communication with patient

    Scheduled video

    Meets HIPAA  requirements

    Payment supported

    Echocardiogram and ultrasound cine support

    Download studies in your account

    Health Center

    $60 (per user)

     $350 setup fee

    For the speciality medical group or medical institution performing telemedicine

    100 GB storage



    Edit and saving of Dicom supported

    Video and chat supported

    On demand chat

    Archived chat communication with patient

    Scheduled video

    Archived video communication with patient

    Meets HIPAA  requirements

    Supports multiple users

    Payment supported

    Echocardiogram and ultrasound cine support