Category: Telemedicine Misconceptions


Have you ever wanted to try something but are apprehensive because of what you’ve heard from someone or somewhere? This is what misconceptions can do to people.

This is especially prevalent with healthcare services, wherein we are often hampered by rumors we’ve heard about treatments, procedures, or other healthcare practices.

We understand how serious of a problem this is, which is why here at Lyfebin, a provider of telehealth in CA, expert second opinion, we take active steps towards raising awareness against misconceptions.

As such, here are common myths about telemedicine in Los Angeles, California, and the truth behind them:

  • Doctors cannot examine what they need to know over the phone.

    Telehealth has progressed with technology, allowing increased engagement between clinician and patient than ever before. There is now a greater possibility to deliver video encounters with add-on peripheral instruments to supply more data as needed.

  • Telehealth undermines the doctor-patient interaction.

    Such services are not intended to replace regular doctor visits; rather, they are intended to supplement them. They are appropriate for when you are unable to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or if you require a second opinion.

  • Telehealth is not private or secure.

    Telemedicine-specific technology is available, regardless of which specialty care provider you’re seeing. This includes video conferencing applications designed specifically for use in telemedicine and is according to HIPAA rules.

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