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In this day and age, it makes so much sense to use telemedicine when availing healthcare services. Many doctors and patients rely on digital devices for their online consultation either through phone messaging, video conferencing, or even care via email.

It is not surprising that the use of telemedicine in Los Angeles, California has been growing especially during the pandemic.

There are many ways that both doctors and patients may use telemedicine:

  • Assessing the need for face-to-face treatment or other forms of specialty care
  • Providing certain types of medical care like mental health treatment, minor infection assessments, and even follow-up checkups remotely
  • Writing or renewing prescription medication for patients
  • Using it as a channel for remote medical tourism consultation

Aside from safety and security, telemedicine is also a more affordable and accessible option for patients as they do not need to be at the hospitals or clinics to receive medical attention. This offers convenience to those who have mobility restrictions as well.

In response to the rapid growth of telemedicine, Lyfebin, a leader in telehealth in CA, Expert Second Opinion, provides doctors and patients with a safe and secure environment for sharing vital medical information.

Are Doctors Offended when Patients Gets a Second Opinion?

It is normal to feel fear and anxiety whenever you receive a serious medical diagnosis. And the next steps may seem like a blur. Many patients don’t seek out a different medical opinion. It’s either because they don’t want to offend their doctors or because they immediately want to proceed with the proposed treatment plan.

However, these cases always leave the patient with more questions than answers. So getting a second opinion is a smart choice.

Some patients stick with the first diagnosis because they don’t want to offend their primary physician. But healthcare services don’t work like that—getting another doctor’s opinion is common and often standard. It’s best to take your care plan somewhere else if your current provider does not satisfy your needs.

Besides, when it comes to your health, offending your doctor should be the least of your worries. Most doctors believe that patients should get a second medical opinion by going to another clinic or through telemedicine in Los Angeles, California.

Through our telemedicine application, Lyfebin, you can easily find a network of physicians connected with our telehealth in CA, Expert Second Opinion. Our team of expert physicians can provide you with treatment plans more suited to your needs and preferences.

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What to Expect on the First Telehealth Appointment

Are you excited about your first telehealth session?

Finally, you can skip the travel and the queues just to see and visit your physician. Telehealth provides you the convenience of staying at home, or wherever you are, to get the quality and reliable health consult you need.

A telehealth appointment is just like a physical visit. Your doctor will review your history and medical chart. They will be asking you questions to carefully assess your condition. Depending on your consultation, the physician may ask you to provide previous lab results or get new ones. They may also provide a prescription when needed.

Your telehealth session would require different pieces of equipment and preparation, unlike a regular visit to the doctor. You need to have a reliable device that enables video and audio features. You can use a tablet, a laptop, or a smartphone. Depending on your doctor or your provider, you must have access to the website or application to make the connection. Strong and steady wifi is recommended for seamless interaction. Headphones or earphones are not necessary, but they can provide you privacy and focus while answering personal questions.

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Technology and Healthcare in the Future

What does the future of healthcare look like? How are we going to receive professional care and assessment from our physicians? How are we going to receive treatment or diagnosis moving forward?

Technology is a testament to mankind’s progress. As we encounter problems, we rise over them by providing solutions that make our lives better, safer, and healthier.

The health industry exists for as long as we remember, and we have witnessed many advancements in medicine that have saved countless lives. Whether it be new medication for a rare illness or a piece of new medical equipment, medicine continues to evolve to serve and save more.

As we struggle in today’s pandemic, we have counted on technology to stay connected with loved ones and make our transactions online. Healthcare has made advantage of this technology through telemedicine.

Telemedicine has existed for some years but only in recent times that we have seen a favorable adoption. The use of technology to deliver healthcare services has certainly provided convenience and safety to patients across the world.

In this modern times, getting to a physical location, such as a hospital or clinic, is no longer a requirement to get a quality consult or diagnosis. You deserve to stay where you are and get the professional service you need.

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Nominated as One of the Top Medical Companies in Los Angeles

Do you like the idea of seeing your doctors do consultations wherever you are? As long as there is a stable internet connection, our medical professionals here at Lyfebin, a Telemedicine in Los Angeles, California, nominated as a top medical company in the country, can provide accurate and quality medical consultations for you and your family.

According to research, 75 percent of survey respondents are interested in trying telemedicine. This method of getting the Healthcare Services that you require in the comforts of your home through an online platform has been our best tool to reach out to as many patients who need medical advice.

Telehealth in CA, Expert Second Opinion, has become popular because so many people have access to high-speed internet connections and the devices necessary to perform a video visit. The approach is popular with patients due to its many advantages.

We are also popular with our Specialty Care services in the country. Experience the care of expert medical professionals wherever you are. If you want to avail our services, do not hesitate to reach out to our lines.

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Telehealth vs Telemedicine: What’s the Difference?

Many people use the terms telehealth and telemedicine interchangeably, but you’ll be surprised to know that they mean completely separate things.

To avoid treatment errors, it’s important to know how to distinguish these services from each other.

  • Telemedicine

    Essentially, Telemedicine in Los Angeles, California is a subset of telehealth services whose sole purpose is to provide distance health care services and education using telecommunications technology to patients.

    It involves using electronic communication and software to provide Specialty Care to patients who are unavailable to make an in-person visit to the doctors.

  • Telehealth

    On the other hand, Telehealth in CA, Expert Second Opinion refers to a broader scope of remote Healthcare Services than telemedicine.

    While telemedicine specifically covers remote clinical services, telehealth encompasses anything from remote non-clinical services, such as provider training, and administrative meetings, to continuing medical education – in addition to clinical services.

    The World Health Organization states that telehealth includes “surveillance, health promotion, and public health functions.”

How We Can Help

The online world is a precarious place.

To ensure safer and more secure transactions with your patients online, we at Lyfebin can help you out!

Our platform can securely host your patient meeting and consultations, keep track of your records, and more!

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Reasons Why You Must Get a Second Medical Opinion

How many times have you been diagnosed with a complex or serious health condition and simply ran away with your doctor’s assessment instead of seeking a second opinion from a different healthcare services provider?

If you have, then you would be happy to know that you are among the 30% of Americans who have made the wise decision as reported by That said, you may still have reservations about what difference a second opinion can truly make.

As it turns out, per our providers of telehealth in CA, expert second opinion is not only important, it is an investment to your future self, too.

Thus, as your partner in health and a provider of telemedicine in Los Angeles, California, we at Lyfebin are listing down some of the most crucial reasons why you should prioritize getting a second opinion first:

  • A second opinion helps cut the risk of misdiagnoses.
  • A second opinion makes sure that you can have all possible scenarios for your condition.
  • A second opinion ensures that you can open up more avenues and options for your treatments.
  • A second opinion is a way to get to the bottom of your situation, which inevitably results in you, your family, and your loved ones getting peace of mind.

With this said, it can be inconvenient to get a second opinion. You have to consider the commute, added costs, and resources, and for some, their doctor’s feelings. All these are valid; fortunately, however, you can now conveniently get a second opinion with Lyfebin, a HIPAA-compliant environment that gives you access to different care providers and expertise at the comforts of your home. Interested in our technology? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Why a Secure Telehealth Environment Is a Must

Most of us do not think about the importance of having a secure environment when taking telehealth sessions with our providers. However, just like how in telehealth in CA, expert second opinion is necessary so is security is, too, to make sure that we can optimize the care we receive.

As your partner in telemedicine in Los Angeles, California, this is something that we continue to advocate and have actually incorporated through Lyfebin, our very own HIPAA-compliant environment for patients and doctors.

Here are the more compelling reasons why you should seek a secure healthcare services platform when receiving telehealth:

  • With a secure platform, you can minimize and even cut the risk for data breaches and other privacy concerns.
  • With a secure platform, you can establish trust quicker with your provider, which then results in better relationships and even better healthcare outcomes. This is especially helpful when you need specialty care.
  • With a secure platform, you can ensure accountability from your provider when conflicts arise from your previously agreed arrangements.
  • With a secure platform, you can have peace of mind when receiving your care.

Expect all these and more with a secure platform like ours at Lyfebin. We offer a secure environment for patients and doctors to view and share medical images such as computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, digital radiography, and more as well as clinical pictures so you can have the confidence to receive care.

Some Little-Known Benefits of Telehealth

As a provider of telemedicine in Los Angeles, California at Lyfebin it is clear to us how telehealth has permanently revolutionized the way we receive and deliver care as a community.

Now it is easy to receive care in the comforts and safety of our homes. It has also made access to many specialty care services easier and more cost-effective as they are now available regardless of location. Not to mention, when you get telehealth in CA, an expert second opinion is guaranteed as a result of having more specialist options.

The adaptation of the practice and its development to accommodate the healthcare services of today has been relatively fast, thanks in part to the current healthcare crisis. That said, we haven’t scratched the surface yet. The potential of the practice is dependent on the advances in telecommunication and information technology after all.

Owing to this fast development are some little highlighted benefits of telehealth. Among these hidden advantages include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Improved the patient-physician relationship.
  • Better quality and more innovative delivery of healthcare services because of increased competition.
  • Increased patient engagement and confidence.
  • More accurate results for patients whose condition is being affected or limited by anxiety.
  • Better distribution of healthcare resources and services.
How Lyfebin Makes Telehealth Easier on Specialists

It is easy to see how telehealth has revolutionized the delivery of healthcare services, especially during the pandemic, to benefit patients who are unable to access or receive care in person for varying reasons.

This convenience has been the core messaging on the medical tourism campaign on telehealth, along with how when you get telehealth in CA, an expert second opinion is guaranteed without leaving the comforts and safety of your home, thus ensuring high-quality care and convenience in one.

But did you know that telehealth, though Lyfebin, has also been making strides among providers of telemedicine in Los Angeles, California?

We have seen these first hand as telemedicine and healthcare services providers ourselves at Lyfebin.

Per the reviews and reports of many healthcare specialists we have worked with in the field, here are the features that have made these possible:

  • HIPAA-secure environment for uploading, viewing and sharing medical (DICOM) images and clinical pictures.
  • Convenience in viewing through desktop PCs, tablets, and smartphones with a modern browser anytime, anywhere—no need to use various software from every DICOM disc.
  • Better communication with the availability of live chat with video call.
  • A searchable database of a personal library of the specialist’s imaging studies and other medical files.
  • Electronic curbside advantage