Month: September 2022

Interesting Facts About TelemedicineThe sector of Healthcare Services is seeing a rise in telemedicine. Although telemedicine has traditionally been used in the medical arena, it has received increased attention since the outbreak of the pandemic.

One key advantage of telemedicine is the ability to remotely schedule a consultation with an expert or obtain a Second Opinion from another professional. This is why many individuals prefer virtual visits over in-person consultations.

Let’s look at some fascinating telemedicine facts:

  • Telemedicine in the pre-pandemic period

    You heard it right. In this COVID-19 era, virtual meetups have become the new normal. However, telemedicine systems existed before the pandemic. In fact, NASA began monitoring its astronauts by employing telehealth-related technology in the 1960s.

  • Quality healthcare for more patients
    The main goals of telemedicine implementation are to expand patient access and deliver high-quality treatment. This is made specifically for underserved rural residents. Additionally, one physician out of 10 works in rural parts of the United States. This load may be lessened through telemedicine, which would also give patients access to Specialty Care.
  • Telemedicine addresses chronic conditions
    According to the National Health Council, intestinal disease, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis are among the chronic diseases that affect 40% of Americans. Video visits assist these patients in reducing the amount of work and time they must commit to themselves. Hence, improving their health conditions.

With the aid of telemedicine, the healthcare sector is continually evolving to expand patient access to healthcare while lowering total costs. Our goal at Lyfebin is to provide our patients with affordable access to high-quality healthcare.

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This generation’s rapid technological advancement is evidence of how far humans have come. It is obvious how technology has improved convenience for the majority of people in many ways.

The development of Healthcare Services, especially telemedicine, is one of technology’s breakthroughs.

The ease of access and cost-saving benefits of telemedicine have recently changed the game. Although telemedicine has been around for more than a decade, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it the safest method of communication between patients and medical experts.

But, aside from the protection telemedicine provides against the risk of COVID-19, why is it recently gaining favor among many patients? Here are some reasons:

  • Better access

    Some people are too unwell to get to a clinic, let alone deal with the challenging transportation scenario. They can use telemedicine applications and websites like Lyfebin to receive an online consultation with a qualified doctor with just a phone, computer, or tablet.

  • Better quality care

    Better communication between doctors and patients is made possible via telemedicine. Remote monitoring and follow-ups are also possible for patients. One reason why telemedicine is important in Medical Tourism is its improved pre-operative and post-operative therapy through teleconsultations, including a remote physical examination.

  • Cost-effective

    Comparing telemedicine versus clinic visits, the former is frequently less expensive. Additionally, it helps us avoid spending money on transportation. This is a far more reasonable choice for getting your health checked. It also saves money for a patient who wants to receive a Second Opinion.

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