Month: August 2022


It’s no doubt that telemedicine has been changing the way care providers bring healthcare services to the public, especially with many health-related issues that have happened over the past few years, such as COVID-19.

It has already brought many excellent benefits for healthcare providers, such as the reduced chance of spreading the virus, less spending, no more waiting, less travel time for a second opinion, and more.

With the undeniable advantages it has contributed also comes many concerns that keep patients and healthcare professionals from completely using and incorporating telemedicine.

As a provider of telemedicine in Los Angeles, California, we understand the worries of how people may think it’s more costly to do online consultations. In reality, it’s much more affordable than going to the hospital because Internet has already been accessible for many years, and of course, for free!

Healthcare providers and patients can benefit from modern telemedicine apps, which are usually simple to set up and utilize. For instance, Lyfebin is an advanced platform that stores medical images in the DICOM storage server, which can be viewed and shared.

You can also access many licensed and verified physicians on-call for virtual consultations, providing telehealth in CA, expert second opinion through our application! Feel free to reach us on our contact lines for any queries and concerns you may have!

Many facilities have recently been incorporating video visits via telehealth to enhance the convenience of their urgent healthcare services.

While virtual visits aren’t appropriate for all medical conditions, doctors can safely and efficiently diagnose some common health problems without needing a telehealth in CA, expert second opinion in an on-site clinic or hospital, including:

  • Fever or Cold
    Doctors can provide instructions via video visits for this condition since many medications are accessible enough to treat colds and fever. Moreover, it stops them from traveling to the doctor’s office while they’re sick, which can help prevent the transmission of germs.
  • Skin-Related Problems
    Due to the high-resolution video produced by today’s technology, such as web cameras, doctors have no issue seeing skin abnormalities even if they are online. They won’t have difficulties diagnosing or treating through online consultations and providing specialty care.
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
    Healthcare professionals can diagnose and treat UTIs and yeast infections online when a patient has already undergone an initial consultation. They can then learn whether changes in symptoms require a medical appointment or emergency department visit.

It’s possible to avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital when you receive our speedy and quality care using telemedicine in Los Angeles, California.

Lyfebin is the best option you can choose if you’re searching for streamlined telehealth in CA, expert second opinion! You can learn more about what our brand of service is capable of by reaching out to us today.