Month: April 2021

Some Little-Known Benefits of Telehealth

As a provider of telemedicine in Los Angeles, California at Lyfebin it is clear to us how telehealth has permanently revolutionized the way we receive and deliver care as a community.

Now it is easy to receive care in the comforts and safety of our homes. It has also made access to many specialty care services easier and more cost-effective as they are now available regardless of location. Not to mention, when you get telehealth in CA, an expert second opinion is guaranteed as a result of having more specialist options.

The adaptation of the practice and its development to accommodate the healthcare services of today has been relatively fast, thanks in part to the current healthcare crisis. That said, we haven’t scratched the surface yet. The potential of the practice is dependent on the advances in telecommunication and information technology after all.

Owing to this fast development are some little highlighted benefits of telehealth. Among these hidden advantages include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Improved the patient-physician relationship.
  • Better quality and more innovative delivery of healthcare services because of increased competition.
  • Increased patient engagement and confidence.
  • More accurate results for patients whose condition is being affected or limited by anxiety.
  • Better distribution of healthcare resources and services.
How Lyfebin Makes Telehealth Easier on Specialists

It is easy to see how telehealth has revolutionized the delivery of healthcare services, especially during the pandemic, to benefit patients who are unable to access or receive care in person for varying reasons.

This convenience has been the core messaging on the medical tourism campaign on telehealth, along with how when you get telehealth in CA, an expert second opinion is guaranteed without leaving the comforts and safety of your home, thus ensuring high-quality care and convenience in one.

But did you know that telehealth, though Lyfebin, has also been making strides among providers of telemedicine in Los Angeles, California?

We have seen these first hand as telemedicine and healthcare services providers ourselves at Lyfebin.

Per the reviews and reports of many healthcare specialists we have worked with in the field, here are the features that have made these possible:

  • HIPAA-secure environment for uploading, viewing and sharing medical (DICOM) images and clinical pictures.
  • Convenience in viewing through desktop PCs, tablets, and smartphones with a modern browser anytime, anywhere—no need to use various software from every DICOM disc.
  • Better communication with the availability of live chat with video call.
  • A searchable database of a personal library of the specialist’s imaging studies and other medical files.
  • Electronic curbside advantage