COVID-19: Who Should Get Tested?

COVID-19: Who Should Get Tested?

For a year now, COVID-19 continues to take tens of thousands of lives every day. Multiple guidelines are in place to reduce the numbers, and health authorities keep reminding the public of these protocols. And while we are still battling the coronavirus, testing plays an undeniably vital role.

At Lyfebin, we can provide you with COVID-19 testing and other healthcare services. Generally, coronavirus testing has two types: viral tests (to check if you have a current infection) and antibody tests (to check if you have a past infection).

Who should get the test?

  • Those who show COVID-19 symptoms
    The most common symptoms of the coronavirus are fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, and fatigue. To learn more, you can get help from our telemedicine in Los Angeles, California.
  • Those who have had close contact with a COVID-19 patient
    If you know someone with verified COVID-19, seek immediate specialty care or other interventions from your doctor.
  • Those who frequently take part in community activities
    If you are constantly out due to your job and other affairs, get tested right away. With our telehealth in CA, expert second opinion is also another option, especially if you plan to self-quarantine.
  • Those who are recommended by their doctors
    During these rough times, never hesitate to talk to your doctor about any health concerns. We offer COVID-19 tests without a referral.


If you test positive, follow the CDC’s comprehensive guidelines.

If you test negative, you must have no infections during the test. Thus, continue taking the necessary steps to protect yourself.

Please don’t put yourself and those around you at risk. Get tested if you must!

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