About Lyfebin

You. Your doctor. Your data.
Lyfebin is a telehealth platform that allows doctors to provide virtual consultation with patients. It is built on a HIPAA secure environment that allows patients and doctors to view and share medical images aka DICOM files (computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, digital radiography etc.) and clinical pictures all on the cloud using next generation security.

HIPAA Secure

Patent pending security to securely store your medical images more comprehensive than HIPAA.

Upload, View, and Share

Upload, view, and share DICOM images and medical pictures in the cloud in a HIPAA compliant way

Verified Physicians

All physicians on Lyfebin are licensed and verified.

Accessible anywhere with a modern browser

View from desktop PCs, tablets, and smartphones anywhere in the world

Virtual consultation

See any specialist you want any time you want.

Second opinions

Get a second opinion without leaving your home

Lyfebin Features

For Patients

Store your DICOM images in a HIPAA secure environment and share with your doctors. No longer need ...
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For Physicians

Store, view and share DICOM images in a HIPAA secure environment and collaborate with other physic...
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For ImgCenter

Remove the need for disc storage and delivery to patients or doctors. Create cloud storage with ad...
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How it works ?